Homes in Midtown Toronto are a valuable commodity. The area is already highly desirable, thanks to the perfect combination of outstanding amenities and breathtaking scenic beauty.

Still, the local real estate market has its ups and downs. Selling a house in Toronto isn’t always easy, no matter how desirable your neighbourhood is. When the market is on fire, knowing what buyers want can help you squeeze the maximum value from your home. During challenging markets, any added advantage is absolutely essential. What features do you want to highlight when selling your home? Let’s talk about what your potential buyer might want. 

High End and Refined

Though buyers in Toronto are not a monolith, those looking in Midtown tend to have a few things in common. Many are looking for an upscale and elevated experience. However, their version of luxury is more refined rather than flashy. 

For a discerning buyer, home decor fads come and go, but true style is timeless. Your house may already offer many attributes that potential buyers want, such as hardwood floors and granite countertops. If not, should you renovate? It depends on your goals and how the market is performing at the time of your listing. 

  • Some home improvement projects might help you earn a little more from your sale, which may or may not be worth it to you. 
  • Others can earn a lot more, which is almost certainly worth it. 

A local real estate agent can help you determine what upgrades you should make before putting your home on the market. That said, some preparations are nearly always worth the time and effort. Here are a few ways you can capture the attention of these discerning buyers:

  • Cleanliness is everything. With your house clean and decluttered, potential buyers can focus on your home’s unique charm and craftsmanship. 
  • Small details go a long way. Scuff marks on the walls can detract from an otherwise beautifully presented home, but that’s nothing a coat of fresh paint can’t fix! 
  • Stage to perfection. The way you design your home can help buyers imagine it as their own. A few high-end finishings and well-chosen decor items can work like a charm. Staging can help you sell faster and even increase your final selling price; however, there is a trick to it. You’ve got to design your home in a way that appeals to potential buyers instead of your own tastes. Since this is such a critical part of your selling strategy, it might be worth consulting a professional. 

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A Desirable Location 

If a potential buyer doesn’t fall head over heels for your house itself, the surrounding community might do the trick. Fortunately, you live in Midtown, an already highly desirable location that is quickly becoming even more in demand. 

Whatever your buyer might want in their new neighbourhood, Midtown has it, from upscale boutiques and gourmet restaurants to cultural attractions and recreational facilities. Wherever your home is located, you are likely near some of Toronto’s best shopping and dining districts, such as Yorkville Village, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and Yonge Lawrence Village. 

Add convenient access to public transit, and your location becomes even more appealing to students and professionals who commute to work each day. No matter what neighbourhood you are in, you’ll be close to bus stops and subway stations that make getting around the city fast and easy. 

Ease of transit can add significant value to any Midtown home! Plus, news of the upcoming LRT (Light Rail Transit) line will make this area desirable to buyers everywhere. Its original opening date was delayed from 2020, but city officials are hopeful for 2024.

Family Friendly Living 

Midtown Toronto is safe, which gives it universal appeal to everyone, including first-time buyers, newcomers to Canada, and young professionals. Larger than average homes and connected communities make Midtown an attractive destination for families. These are some of the most affluent and peaceful neighbourhoods in Toronto, and there’s no better feeling than letting children play outdoors without constant worry. Living in Midtown means a fabulous park or playground is always in close proximity. Here are a few that local residents love:

  • Oriole Park: An outdoor natural paradise with a playground, water feature, and sports field. Plenty of shade makes this an excellent spot for a picnic or to curl up with a book under a tree.
  • Moore Park Ravine: Walking or cycling under a canopy of trees is a great way to recharge and soothe your soul. 
  • Eglinton Park: A 9-hectare park with multiple sports fields, a wading pool, and a playground. This park also features two ice rinks for the winter months and the nearby community centre offers an outdoor swimming pool in the summer. 

Superb Schools

Last – but most certainly not least – Midtown Toronto is known for the outstanding quality of its public and private schools. Even if you don’t have young children, your house has massive appeal to buyers if it’s in the vicinity of a highly sought-after school. 

During slow markets, these homes hold their value better than neighbourhoods with less-reputable schools. And over the long term, the prices are expected to increase steadily. Either way, your Midtown home is an outstanding investment for any potential buyer. 

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All of these outstanding amenities, high-quality schools, green spaces, and more make your Midtown home nearly irresistible to potential buyers.

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