What is all the fuss you hear about home staging? If you follow the real estate market at all, it’s a concept that you’ve certainly encountered at some point. 

Defined simply, it means updating and designing your home to attract the attention of buyers and increase their desire to put in an offer. In other words, you’re setting the “stage” to sell your home!

Though there is some discussion about the extent to which it is necessary, most experts will agree that at least some staging will help you to sell your home more effectively. Even if you live in a highly sought-after area like Midtown Toronto, your listing will often spend less time on the market while earning a higher return on your investment. It is definitely an idea worth exploring!

How Staging Works

Contrary to what you may think, there’s a vast difference between staging your home to sell and designing it to suit your tastes. Either can result in a total transformation that makes your home almost unrecognizable. The difference is who the transformation is for. 

When designing for your own purposes, you are the audience. When staging to sell, the buyer becomes the star of the show. The idea is to create a stunning yet impersonal design. Think of the homes you see on design shows in magazines or on TV shows. They’re immaculate, but there are no “homey touches” to suggest that someone is actually living there. Done properly, it encourages a buyer to see past the design and imagine themselves in the home. 

The results of staging might seem cold and impersonal to your tastes. But when it could lead to a faster and more profitable sale, who is going to argue?

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How Staging Helps You Find a Buyer

We get so excited about the concept of staging that we’ve gotten a little ahead of ourselves! The benefits actually begin even before buyers step through your door. In fact, effective staging can be the foundation of your entire marketing plan, even helping you find potential buyers in the first place.

The first step is to turn your house into a gorgeous blank canvas that inspires the imagination. Next, take pictures and videos. A smartphone camera will work in a pinch. But for the best results, we recommend working with a professional photographer and videographer.

Remember that your buyer will likely find your home online first. From there, they’ll decide whether or not they want to schedule an in-person visit. The quality of your images can be the difference.

The other thing to remember is that staging helps to add perceived value to your home. When the images are impeccable, a potential buyer likely already has a higher amount in mind, even before they walk through the door.

Extreme Makeover or a Few Minor Tweaks?

Your next decision is whether it’s worth it to go all out and give your home a complete overhaul from top to bottom, or if a few strategic design changes are all you need. Many Midtown Toronto homes are already well-maintained and in impeccable condition. Plus, this is one of the most desirable areas of the city. 

How far you take your staging might depend on the market conditions at the time you list your home. When most listings receive multiple offers and sell for over-asking, you will likely find a buyer no matter what. Still, a few thoughtful updates can help you make the most of your sale.

If many listings are available and buyers are scarce, staging can be the added edge you need for a successful transaction. Before investing in a home makeover, you must know what buyers are looking for in your area. A local real estate team can give you greater insight into what changes will pay off the most. 

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General Staging Tips for Any Market

Should you choose white paint, a neutral colour, or the Pantone Colour of the Year? Also, is it better to paint your cupboard doors or sand them down to add a glossy finish? Specifics like these are subject to constant change, which means it’s best to consult with your Realtor® to stay ahead of current trends. 

While some styles come and go, there will always be general principles you can rely on when it comes to preparing your home to dazzle potential buyers. For example:

  • Cleanliness is everything. A pristine home means nothing to distract interested buyers, leaving them free to imagine how much they will love living there.
  • Focus on natural light. You can’t change the size or the location of the windows, but you can keep them sparkling clean to maximize the amount of natural light that flows into your home. Strategic furniture placement will also help to make your home seem brighter.
  • Keep it impersonal. We’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating that you want to ensure none of your personal pictures, trophies, or knick-knacks distract potential buyers. For now, replace your vacation photos with a few timeless art pieces.
  • Minimize your furniture. Living space is a high priority for most buyers. Once again, you can’t make your house bigger, but you can make it seem more spacious by removing unnecessary and bulky items.

When staging your home, your real estate agent will focus on maximizing light, enhancing the space, and creating a visually interesting focal point in each room. The end result is typically a faster sale, which allows you to put your transaction behind you as you move on to your next journey.

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