With the vast number of beautiful parks and superb schools, Midtown Toronto is often regarded as the place to be for families and young couples starting out. Its convenient location and easy access to public transit only cement that reputation. 

But could Midtown also be great for retirees who no longer wish to maintain a large property but still want to be close to where the action is? Though where you settle depends primarily on the lifestyle you want to enjoy after retirement, we believe a strong case can be made for staying right here in Midtown. In this post, we’ll highlight just a few reasons why.

What’s Your Retirement Style?

The first step to determining where you want to spend the next few years is to create a vision for your retirement life. Not everyone will love any particular neighbourhood, no matter how beautiful. 

We have all met at least one retiree with more energy than dynamite, who might be well-suited to a bustling area full of live theatres and a happening nightlife. Others prefer a quieter way of life, while many downsizers fall somewhere in the middle.

In Midtown, it’s easy to enjoy the best of all worlds! It’s a picturesque and quiet area where you’ll find a respite from the action of downtown Toronto. You can be busy when you want to be while basking in the tranquillity the rest of the time!

If you’re ready to think about downsizing, the resources below will help you get started:

Safety and Convenience

The safety and convenience of Midtown appeal to retirees and downsizers just as much as to families with small children. Day or night, you can feel confident strolling down the quiet streets as you go about your routine. As one of Toronto’s most affluent areas, Midtown has a low crime rate. In addition, there is less traffic and the streets are wider, making it easier to enjoy activities like walking or riding your bike.

Access to healthcare is often a concern to retirees, and once again, Midtown Toronto sets the bar high. Several world-class hospitals are a short drive away, including Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai, and Runnymede Healthcare Centre. In addition, you’ll find numerous walk-in clinics and various practitioners throughout the area, making it easier to stay healthy and safe. 

An Abundance of Nature

Midtown neighbourhoods are surrounded by ravines and greenery, which brings an almost fairy-tale quality to the area. This stunning natural beauty is particularly evident when you visit one of the many parks and trails sprinkled throughout the communities. There are almost too many incredible green spaces to mention, but here are just a few of our favourites:

  • The Beltline Trail lies on an old rail bed; this park now spans nine kilometres and has three sections connecting various Midtown neighbourhoods, including Rosedale, Moore Park, Forest Hill, and Chaplin Estates.
  • Moore Park Ravine offers a scenic, wooded area that is perfect for hiking or cycling. The view off the Heath Street Pedestrian Bridge is a must-see, particularly when the leaves start to change in the fall.
  • Toronto Botanical Gardens is located a few minutes away, where you’ll meander through four acres of lush gardens, water features, and majestic trails. The gardens are open seven days a week and admission is free. It’s hard to find a more scenic oasis in the heart of the city!

Wherever you go in Midtown, the setting is so scenic and peaceful that it can sometimes slip your mind that you are in a bustling and busy metropolis–until you discover all of the incredible amenities and conveniences practically right outside your front door.

Incredible Dining and Entertainment

The outstanding dining and shopping districts of Midtown Toronto create the perfect balance between peacefulness and excitement. Your retirement will be anything but boring, whether you’re on the hunt for an entirely new wardrobe or out for some good old-fashioned people-watching, 

  • Yorkville Village is a treasure trove of high-end fashion and fine dining experiences.
  • Yonge Street boasts a wide selection of shops, from big-brands to independent boutiques. You never know what you’ll find as you pop in and out of the many stores. Numerous cafes and restaurants are all around whenever you need to stop for a bite. Yonge Street is also home to many great theatres where you can catch the latest entertainment!
  • Mount Pleasant Village spans between Davisville Ave. and Eglinton Ave, with a host of shops, services, and delicious eats that perfectly define the culture of Midtown. 

Shop for the latest fashion or relax in a luxury spa; the options are endless, and no two days will ever be the same! It’s no wonder more people are starting to choose Midtown as their ultimate retirement destination.

A successful sale of your existing home can help fund your dream retirement lifestyle. The following resources can help:

Varied and Diverse Real Estate Options

Your typical home in Midtown is stately and refined, with vast living space and rolling lawns and gardens to match. Maintaining a large property can become cumbersome over time; however, many downsizers and retirees are starting to get creative.

  • Some who can’t bear to part with their house are building secondary suites or even fully separate garden suites. This option allows you to stay in the home you love while staying close to your family and receiving all of the support you need.
  • If you’re ready to move on, Midtown offers a selection of alternative residences, including modern condos, townhouses, or even rental apartments. The apartments on Lonsdale Road are particularly popular as they provide easy access to all of the amenities and shops of St. Clair Village and Yonge and Eglinton.

Wherever you end up, you can be sure of a fulfilling retirement experience with just the right mix of relaxation and engagement!

Do you have more questions about the lifestyle you can enjoy in Midtown? We would love to chat with you further. Reach out to us at david@batorigroup.com, bobby@batorigroup.com or call (416) 485-7575 to start the conversation.