Can the words “stress-free” ever really be used in the same sentence as “downsizing?” Anyone who has gone through the process may not agree! However, if you start early enough and follow a systematic approach, it can be much less overwhelming. What you need is a plan to take things step by step. 

The sooner you start, the smaller and less invasive every aspect can be. So if selling your family home to downsize is in the cards for you in the next few years, the time to prepare is now. For many people, the first step is simply to make the decision. From there, you can break it down into a logical plan that might look something like this:

Weigh Your Options

Compared to the never ending list of decisions to make, the actual task involved can seem simple. But having so many options can lead to paralysis by analysis to the point where you end up doing nothing at all! Should you sell your home or keep it? When should you move? Where will you go? Above all, what are you going to do with all of the things you have accumulated over the years?

Moving to a smaller house means you can’t take it all with you. Do you pack it or discard it? It’s easy to see how this process can feel a monumental task. But take heart! You’ve made your decision, and the wheels are turning, which is one massive step in the right direction. You can streamline things by listing out all of the decisions you must make. Getting it down on paper gets it out of your head and onto a to-do list. That alone can take much of the weight off your shoulders.

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Enlist Some Help

The single biggest reason homeowners get overwhelmed at the thought of moving is that they feel that they must do everything themselves. However, asking for help can make even the heaviest burden feel lighter. Right now, there’s probably someone in your circle of family or friends with superb organizational and planning skills that would be happy to step in. And all you have to do is ask!

Beyond that, you can enlist the help of many professionals who work with downsizers every single day. To you, packing up your life is a crushing weight and feels like such a daunting task that will take forever. To a trained professional, it’s a Tuesday. 

Nothing else will make the process of downsizing easier or even more enjoyable than working with a crew that is happy and eager to help you make the most of your journey.

Make a Plan for Your Existing Home

Now that you’ve overcome the mental hurdles associated with downsizing, it’s on to more practical matters. Do you know how much your house would be worth if you were to list it on the market today? Coming up with the right listing price that attracts buyers and maximizes the value of your home is the most critical and challenging aspect of selling. Years of happy memories hold significant intangible value, but they don’t factor into the logical process of pricing your home. In fact, the more you love your house, the more you may be tempted to over-inflate its value to a potential buyer. You can avoid this mistake by working with a local Realtor®, who will analyze your house by the numbers, not by emotions. Your real estate agent will perform a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) based on square footage, age, location, recent updates, and how much comparable properties are currently selling for in your neighbourhood. The end result will be an accurate price point that generates the maximum amount of interest in your listing and the highest possibility of a successful sale.

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Understand the Value of a Decluttered Home

You don’t have to be ready to sell your home to start thinking about presentation. Performing the minor updates and thorough cleaning that obtain the best results takes time. That’s yet another reason that you want to begin planning as early as possible. 

Your home is most likely to sell at the highest possible price when decked out to the max to attract potential buyers. And meticulous decluttering of every room, top to bottom, is a great place to start. One pro tip that can help you is to estimate how long it will take to sort through all of your belongings and decide what you no longer need. Now, take that time and it. Why?

Decluttering is often the most painstaking and emotional aspect of selling. If it were simply a matter of throwing stuff away, it would be easy. But when everything in your house has a memory attached, you may need a moment to walk away and collect yourself. 

The age-old advice of putting those items you’re on the fence about in a box can help. You don’t have to decide today. But if six months go by and you don’t miss anything, just get rid of the whole box! Your real estate agent can also recommend a professional declutterer who specializes in helping people downsize from their family homes to take the burden away from you. 

An added benefit of decluttering is not just that it will help you sell your house, but you’ll also get more enjoyment out of the time you have left. Just imagine – a tidy, organized space where everything is where it should be. Getting rid of clutter alone makes your home feel more spacious and inviting.

Guidelines for Renovating Your Home for Sale

What renovations should you make before listing your home for sale? Many homeowners dread the expense and hassle of living in a construction zone, which is one of the reasons for putting off downsizing even when they’re ready. But what if you don’t have to renovate at all? Or perhaps only minor touches are necessary. 

In our experience, most homes do not need a major overhaul to get them ready for the market. A fresh coat of paint, cleaning up the yard, and some new hardware on old cupboard doors might be all you need. Before getting exhausted at the thought of extensive home preparations, why not consult with a local real estate agent first? Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little you need to do and how much of an impact a few minor changes can make.

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What’s Your Next Step?

Once your house sells, where will you go next? The proceeds from your sale likely mean that multiple possibilities are available to you. You might decide to rent an apartment and eschew all of the stress and anxieties of homeownership for good. Perhaps a small townhouse in a nearby neighbourhood can keep you close to the area you’ve come to know and love. Or maybe you’ll live with relatives part-time while you spend the rest of the year travelling the world! If you can’t yet decide, you can rent in the meantime until your path becomes clear. 

With the right mindset, downsizing doesn’t have to feel like the end. It is a new beginning where you can explore a bold new world of fresh experiences and endless possibilities.

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