If you’re like most of us, spring is greeted with both relief and optimism, as we look at winter through the rear view mirror and begin to dream of the long, hot summer days ahead. And nothing signals spring’s arrival more than opening the windows again and tackling the annual spring cleaning.

While spring cleaning can often be a large undertaking, let’s focus on some of the areas that require professional services, as we address some of the more common questions posed by homeowners.

Furniture cleaning: Is it really necessary?
Furniture absorbs airborne pollutants, dust and allergens that create a fertile environment for dust mites and other harmful organisms. Additionally, embedded soils and moisture can combine with sunlight to produce damaging dry rot. So, even furniture that is not visibly soiled does require regular cleaning to prolong its lifespan.

How about my carpets?
In-house broadloom and area rugs have their own unique cleaning considerations. Broadloom: Carpet manufacturers specify cleaning cycles that typically require annual cleaning as a warranty requirement. More importantly, annual cleaning will increase the life-span of their products. Well-maintained broadloom is actually healthier in a home environment than hard surfaces, simply because carpet fibres “hold” the dust and allergens that wood and tile flooring cannot. Regular vacuuming and annual professional cleaning allows broadloom to be your ally in the fight against dust and allergens.

Area rugs
While the explosion of creativity in modern area rug design has led to some magnificent creations, new fabrics have also resulted in unique cleaning challenges. For example, area rugs with different fabric borders will shrink using traditional cleaning methods while bamboo, silk & viscose rugs risk both dye and sheen loss during cleaning. As a result, off-site cleaning remains the preferred method, as modern plants are best equipped to safely clean the majority of today’s area rugs.

Drapery & blind cleaning: How often should I clean it?
In many ways, the same rules apply to window coverings as to furniture: clean regularly for health and longevity rather than waiting for fabrics to look soiled!

Have a healthy and happy Spring!