The Batori Team Advantage

We craft unique solutions for unique problems, because we know that a tailored approach brings you better results.

Buying and selling real estate is a major decision, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. All you have to do is work with experience real estate agents who will always put you first in the process.


How does our successful approach work?



You’re only ever going to get honesty with us. Want to know how much your home is actually worth? We’ll tell you without underpricing or overpromising. Want to know what you can really get with your budget? Done. Do you have realistic expectations? You’ll find out from us. We’re experience real estate agents who give it to you straight.


Stay in the know, and access our extensive network – something that most agents don’t have – to benefit your needs. We’re deeply connected with agents far and wide, as well as other professionals, and not in that “here’s our business card” sort of way. We have exclusive access to homes around the area, and we can get you in front of homes that aren’t even on MLS yet. Sound good? Contact us and let us know where you’re looking…


Have we met at an open house? Did we sell a home for a friend of yours? Did you buy an ice cream from David at a school fun fair? We’ve built our business on familiarity, and keeping in touch with our clients. We’re experienced real estate agents, and we use that experience to help you. We know agents across Toronto, and we have access to the RE/MAX Global Alliance – the biggest network in the world.